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Why I Feed My Dog Salmon Oil

Salmon oil is a dog supplement that isn’t only for raw feeders, but I only started feeding it to our dogs when I started feeding raw. Initially, I was adding fish oil to our dogs kibble to tempt their appetite (they were never fans of kibble).

There are several brands of salmon oil out there, but I prefer to buy salmon oil that is specifically formulated for dogs from a brand that I trust.

I have a very strong opinion about giving dogs supplements that were intended for humans.  My opinion is…

One argument to this that I often hear points to the lack of appropriate regulations in the pet industry.  My come back is…

(1) human doctors are over medicating patients all the time; this doesn’t make our supplements safer for dogs

(2) many supplements we find in the store say their “natural” when they’re not and aren’t approved by the FDA

(3) today, we have the ability to contact brands to speak with them about their dog supplements, manufacturing process, and business practices.

Dogs are an important part of your family and you care about their health as you care for your family members. There are a lot of food stuffs for dogs in the market which claim to help their health. Among them, fish oil for dogs are very popular nowadays.

But, you still  need to do your homework to make sure you are supplementing their diet with a product that is safe, pure and processed according to industry standards. Cleo Pure Salmon Oil for both dogs and cats fits the bill, so if you’re looking for a premium salmon oil for your furry friends, we recommend giving this one a go.

You’ll be glad you did!

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