Below is a short excerpt of some reviews as seen on Amazon for Cleo Pure Salmon Oil for pets.

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5 Stars – My dogs love this salmon oil – This large bottle will last a while and is a great price for the amount you get! My dog seems do go into spurts where she itches and gets dry skin. This Salmon Oil seems to be doing the trick. Less itching and more shine to her coat. I am also hoping it helps her joints stay healthy. I didn’t know they had such a product for pets and it is a great one!  - M Dreier
5 Stars – Works great – My dogs love it! I have goldens and one of mine pups has had bad allergies for a while now so I have to watch what I give him. He’s on an all raw diet so it was important to me that he had good oils in his food. All my dogs love this oil. No bad smell and I’m happy they’re licking their bowls! I haven’t noticed any bad reaction for my “sensitive” dog so I’m really happy with this product! I’ve learned that if we want our animals to live a long happy life without illness, we need to supply them with high quality food and supplements. Happy to have found this product!  - Tara S
5 Stars – I absolutely love this stuff for my dog Maci. Good when used with high quality food GREAT if you feed your dog the cheap stuff!  We only put 1 teaspoon in per meal as she is a large breed animal and this stuff mixed with her high quality food has made her fur just so beautiful. Her skin even with the high quality food sometimes gets dry as the seasons change and this allows it to just stay moist and soft. I have even seen that she is starting to shed less.  - Ri Fl
5 Stars – Great product for my cat. I wish I had come across this earlier! I’ve been using it in my cat’s food. She is often hesitant when it comes to new smells, but we had no issue adding the oil into her food.  - D Marsaros
5 Stars – Animals Love It! Excellent! Great ingredients, doesn’t have a strong fishy smell. Very good for my animals coats. I just wanted to come back and update, it has been about a week or so since I have been using this product for my pets I put some on their food. Since the ingredients are pure and nothing bad is in here. It is doing wonders. I am so impressed with this product I would get more. The nice thing too as I said in the beginning it does not have a strong fish smell. My house does not reek. I would definitely recommend this to people, especially for people who have pets that might be sick, or need a boost of energy or have been separated from their mother when they are old enough for regular food.  - Nikki Loves To Shop
5 Stars – My Dogs Love It! I chose this product because it is pharmaceutical grade. My dogs love it! I put some in a sanitized dropper bottle so I could drip it on to the dogs’ food. There have been no problems with their stools getting loose like with other products. As I have used natural products before, it will take a few months to see if there is a positive affect on the coats of my dogs. The good thing is that dogs know nothing about a “placebo effect.” Oh BTW my dogs are Icelandic Sheepdogs–appropriate that this product is imported from Iceland!  - JC Reilly
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