Great dog treat container filled with healthy joint and multi-vitamin care

5 Stars
By Lori Parker on February 3, 2015
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You can’t receive this product without noting its packaging. Unlike most dog treats, this supplement does not come in a zippered bag. No – It comes in a plastic lidded canister. That one fact alone impresses me, because I am assured that my dog’s treats will stay fresh for a long time.Next, the nutrition of this product is beyond amazing. Premium-grade Glucosamine and Chondroitin complements a regiment of benefits found in multi-vitamins. It’s complete from start to finish.But, my Jack Russell Terrier doesn’t care about packaging or ingredients. She’s all about texture and taste. Jazzy is sitting here, staring at me. She wants more…now! But, because this is a vitamin-rich supplement and not a fatty treat, she’ll have to wait until tomorrow for her next soft-chew “dose”.
Cleo MobiChews review on Amazon
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