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Premium Wild Atlantic Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats; Pure Pharma Grade Omega Rich; Safe Limits of EPA DHA With Natural Vitamin E; Balanced Liquid Pet Supplement For Optimal Coat Joints & Brain Health

  • SAVE WITH SPECIAL PRICE ON BEST FISH OIL for your dog or cat- 16 0z bottle – Our oil does not exceed the safe upper limit of EPA and DHA for dogs as established by The National Research Council. This pharmaceutical human grade wild salmon oil is a godsend for dry, itchy skin and treats dandruff; quickly restoring your pet’s coat to be shiny and healthy – reducing shedding, bald patches and hairballs!salmon oil with vitamin e
  • CONTAINS NATURAL VITAMIN E. This Omega-3 rich fish oil supplement for dogs and cats works wonders when treating pets suffering from hip and joint problems enabling increased mobility and a more active lifestyle. The salmon oil consists of over 15 Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for pets
  • NO ADDED ROSEMARY ensures your pets stomach is never upset. Plus the great taste allows you to easily add Cleo’s Salmon Oil to your pets regular diet and meals
  • Unlike most other fish oils on the market, our oil HAS NO FISHY SMELL, is ALL NATURAL – 100% pure salmon oil from wild fish trawled in the cold, clean North Atlantic waters of Iceland making it SAFE, PURE, POTENT, NATURAL, DETOXIFIED and GREEN. Imported from Iceland, tested and bottled (BPA FREE plastic) in USA. Quality is guaranteed
  • Our Salmon Oil meets parameters of the Council for Responsible Nutrition and World Health Organization. Iceland is the first nation to achieve true sustainable fishing with methods safe for dolphins and protected species. Our supplies are Non GMO, follow the practices of Iceland Responsible Fisheries, NOAA’s Seafood Inspection Program and California’s Proposition 65. Order now with peace of mind – 60 day Customer Satisfaction. Approx servings: 95 standard tspns/190 standard half tspn serves
  • With our 60 day money back guarantee order now with peace of mind. See product details for more information
Benefits of salmon oil for pets

Isn’t it crazy how most salmon oils today come from China?

We think so. Because Cleo Pure Salmon Oil comes direct from wild fish trawled in the cold, clean waters of Iceland without the risk of potential contaminants polluting the products, nutritional & vet experts agree on the superior quality of our oil.

For example, did you know that Iceland is known for having

  • The world’s cleanest, greenest and most modern trawling, processing & packaging facilities

Cleo Pure Salmon Oil with added Vitamin E

  • Uses molecular distillation processes & is independently tested at a 3rd party laboratory with a guarantee of potency, purity & freshnesssalmon oil with vitamin e
  • Is a natural trigylceride (TG) formulation for superior absorption/bioavailability over other oils using ethyl ester (EE) material
  • Contains all natural vitamin e
  • Is certified 100% mercury free with no detectable levels of pcbs, heavy metals, pesticides & dioxins
  • Undergoes proprietary technology to clean & detoxify oils for a purer, cleaner & more potent product with a long shelf life.
  • Comes in a securely sealed bottle to avoid leakage and is easy to dispense

Our customers are so excited with Cleo Pure Salmon Oil due to its valuable Omega-3 fatty acids; the benefits include

  • Reduce hair shedding, promote a glossy & healthy coat
  • Maintain strong teeth & nails
  • Relieve dry & itchy skin, and reduce dandruff
  • Reduce inflammation due to joint conditions and allergies
  • Provide support for kidney and heart health
  • Promote brain development
  • Lower blood pressure & triglycerides

best nutritional supplements for dogs and catsIf your pets don’t love this revolutionary product you have our money back 60 Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not entirely happy with our oil let us know and we’ll refund your money and you get to keep the product

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Cleo Pure Salmon Oil – Available on – Salmon Oil For Dogs and Cats – Fish Oil Supplement For Pets

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