Iceland-fishing-zoneOur premium salmon oil comes from the cold, clean North Atlantic waters of Iceland, in an exclusive 200 mile fishing zone which was established in 1976. Each vessel is allocated a certain share of the total allowable catch of the relevant species. Twice a year, in the autumn and spring, the scientists set the quotas after testing the biomass.

The fish is not farmed, but trawled wild in the open waters of this fishing zone.

Our suppliers boast the world’s cleanest, greenest and most modern trawling, rendering and refining facilities and all fish oils meet the parameters defined by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the World Health Organization. They are Non-GMO and follow the practices of Iceland Responsible Fisheries, NOAA’s Seafood Inspection Program and California’s Proposition 65.

Iceland is the first nation to have achieved true and complete sustainable fishing and our fishing methods are safe for dolphins and other protected species.

Cleo Pure Salmon Oil complies with the following certifications.

Seafood Inspection Programcertifications
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