Cleo Pure Icelandic Salmon Oil Gets 5 Star Review

We were wowed with the following 5 star review from another happy customer of our Pure Icelandic Salmon Oil for both Cats and Dogs:

I bought this because my daughter’s American Pitt Bull has such problems with dry, itchy skin. Also, she is a very finicky eater and I read on many of the reviews that picky pets eat their food with the Pure Icelandic Salmon Oil drizzled over it without problems. Score! There are many other benefits that are listed, but Bella’s dry skin and picky eating habits are the main reasons I decided to make the purchase.

There are several things I appreciate about this product:
~ not made with lesser quality ingredients like many animal foods, supplements, and medications.
~ reduces shedding and dry, itchy skin
~ my picky granddog doesn’t even know she’s getting it (no smell or taste)
~ no stomach upset or changes in bowel habits
~ GMO free!! (WHAT?!? It’s hard to find human supplements that are 100% GMO free, this is FANTASTIC!!!)
~ uses sustainable fishing methods that are safe for other ocean wildlife
~ no BPA! Mercury free! (WHAT?!? Again, it’s hard to find this for humans!!)
~ “PURE, POTENT, NATURAL, DETOXIFIED and GREEN” (according to the manufactures description)
~ 60 day Customer Satisfaction! (Again, I have yet to see that on any of the high-quality supplements that I purchase for myself!!)

So, we’ve had Bella on this for less than a week. Already I have noticed less shedding, even though we are experiencing early summer-type weather. She still has the dry itchy skin, but I’m hoping that will easy as she continues consuming the Pure Icelandic Salmon Oil for Dogs.

I am already grateful for this product, which I purchased at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

See the review for Cleo Pure Salmon Oil on Amazon

The team at Cleo Pet Products appreciate receiving feedback, and just love it when customers appreciate the benefits of supplementing their pet’s diet with Cleo Pure Icelandic Salmon Oil.



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