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Cleo BoostaChews – Canine Health Supplement

Recently, I came across Cleo BoostaChews, a holistic dog health supplement, and was given the opportunity to try it out. Buddha, my 80-pound mix-breed, would act as the “test subject.” Cleo BoostaChews are an all-in-one dietary supplement for dogs, designed to boost your dog’s overall general health, energy, and stamina. As Buddha has grown older, we’ve noticed a decline in his energy levels. Because of this, he’s put on quite a bit of weight, and we decided to take charge of his health. After all, he relies on us to keep him in tip-top shape!

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The results, however, were significant. Buddha experienced an increase in energy, and overall, seemed happier. The most significant change, however, was that Buddha experienced a decrease in scratching. The dry, winter air took its toll on his skin, and the BoostaChews provided him with some relief, along with a daily topical aloe treatment.

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