Cleo BoostaChews vitamins and minerals for dogs

Another Fan Of Cleo BoostaChews

According to a recent customer who started the family dog on Cleo BoostaChews, a premium supplement for wellness:

Cleo BoostaChews vitamins and minerals for dogs“We use them as a treat, and I think she’d eat the whole package at once if we let her. I love that we can give her something that is good for her and that she loves eating! The tub contains about 200 treats, and your dog gets 1 treat for every 5 pounds per day – so this will last our little one a long time.
We take a vitamin every day, shouldn’t our pets as well?”

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BoostaChews, a natural vitamins and minerals supplement, assists our dogs maintain optimal health, including their skin, coat, nails, digestive systems and immune systems.

A great holistic or all round multivitamin for canines, Cleo BoostaChews are a great addition to ensure dogs get all the nutrition they need for health.



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