Cleo Pet Products was founded to bring a variety of premium, eco-friendly and natural products for pet owners to enable their loved dogs, cats or four legged friends to thrive.

“Our goal is to provide PREMIUM products to

Make Pets Healthy & Happy”

Happy pets equals happy pet owners too!

Cleo Pet Products prides itself in providing the very best in nutritional dietary supplements for pets and our goal is to ensure your pets have every opportunity to be healthier, fitter and smarter!

Based in Sydney, Australia, with team members and partners around the globe, owners Kerry and Danette Hibberd share their products and tips online, making them available to a much wider audience.

Our love of our dog Cleo, and the desire to have her be the healthiest and happiest possible, has made us look to what is available on the market for her to live with optimal health. And as we find or develop these golden resources, we’ll be bringing them to you.

Our range of pet products will be growing rapidly, so stay tuned with what is to come, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Pure Salmon Oil is now available on Amazon, however Cleo Pet Products will soon be available here on this site.

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